Roccaraso is situated in the centre of the Majella National Park in the Abruzzo Region, and it is the most frequented and well known ski resort in the region. It has been re-named by many the "Cortina of the South" because of thelively town centre full of hotels, B&B, small villas, stores, boutiques and ski hires which have all created a charming and at the same time sophisticated atmosphere both in the winter season and in summer. Arriving from the near regions or from overseas it represents the most important ski resort of Abruzzo and centre south Italy. All together there are 120 Km of ski slopes available for all levels from beginners to experts and in the flat parts at different altitudes you can find ski rings for those that practice cross country skiing.

Pietransieri is a small mountain town located four kilometers from Roccaraso and is located in the heart of the Mountain Community of Alto Sangro and Cinquemiglia Highlands. The village is built around a boulder on wich once a castle stood overlooking the valley.

In the Roccaraso area in both winter and summer you will be able to plan unforgettable days in close contact with nature, going for long walks following the mountain paths, horse riding, bicycle riding and of course tasting some of the local cuisine.

The Roccaraso's official site:  http://www.comune.roccaraso.aq.it/