Spaghetti with three tomato sauce , fresh thyme and Grana Padano

Ingredients for 4 people
Spaghetti 300 gr
Sun dried tomatoes 50 gr
Peeled tomatoes 200 gr
Fresh Cherry Tomatoes 200 gr
Fresh Tyme (small branch)
Garlic 5 gr
Fresh Basil (a few leaves)
Onion70 gr
Extra virgin Olive oli E.V.O. 1 dl
Piece of Grana Padano 80 gr
Grated Grana Padano 20 gr
Salt &Pepper

This is a new sauce that you can make with three different types of tomato dry, fresh and cherry. Cut the dry tomatoes into small strips and set aside. Cut the cherry tomato into quarters and season with the fresh thyme, oil, salt & pepper and the crushed garlic glove.
Dice finely the onion and lightly fry with oil and some water, add the peeled tomatoes and the basil. Crush with a fork and bring to a boil adding salt to taste, blend well and set aside. Cook the spaghetti and when al dente place them in a large pan with all the ingredients (take away the garlic cloves) and cook gently a few minutes. Take of the heat add the grated cheese and mix well. Serve hot and top with flakes of Grana and dry tomato strips.